The college wants to offer flexible courses, for people with busy lives. Courses can be adaptable to take as long as the student requires. We have 2 practical exams a year but sometimes extra ones are added to suit a group of 10 or more students. This depends on commitments & capabilities.



To teach the currect syllabus to level 3 standard

To always act in a professional & moral way

To conform to NOS, core curricula and latest government standards such as OFQUAL,

To provide equipment as needed, maintained in an hygeinic condition

To maintain the premises in an hygeinic manner

The college may withdraw students from practical or theory exams at the discretion of the tutor.

The college may withdraw students and refund fees at their discretion

To treat students with respect & courtesy at all times

Provide course objectives & expectations re assignments, assessments & attendance.

Provide statement of required course work prior to commencement

Publish fee charges & extra expenses required

Provide notes & formats for course work

Provide assistance as required re further lessons, theory, different format etc

Offer facilities for disabled learners as practicable



To attend 80% of classes

To submit assignments and case studies when requested in an  acceptable time frame as agreed at the beginning of the course

To act appropriately in lessons and towards tutors and other students

To pay course fees in an acceptable timescale and ultimately before the exams

To pay deposit prior to course with enrolment form

To pay exam fee 8 weeks prior to exams

To abide by college rules and code of practice

Students must not set themselves up as practitioners until they are qualified



Staff & students must:

- always act in a moral & professional way and act with integrity

- maintain standards that do not bring themselves, the college or profession into disrepute

- respect the rights of individuals, parents, carers or guardians

- maintain strict confidentiality procedures (except where disclosure is required by law)

- never diagnose or prescribe

- never work outside our limits of training

- use referral procedures when they apply

- never take advantage of our position or authority

- never discriminate on grounds of sex or sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, age or disability

- never be disrespectful of other complementary or medical practitioners 





Any complaint against the college or individual tutor must be made in writing within 1 year.

Applications must be made in writing to the Administrator and must contain full name and address and a signature of the complainant. (Anonymous complaints will not be investigated).





Any suspicion of either should be addressed to the administrator as soon as possible.

This will be investigated by the college and referred to any appropriate body or organization as appropriate.




All students have the right to appeal about the decision of the college regarding assessment, exam withdrawal, course discontinuement or any other decision.

Any such appeal must be made in writing to the administrator.




The college does not discriminate on grounds of sex or sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, age or disability.




The college complies with ITEC rules & regulations regarding training , examination & assessment & maintains the high quality of training expected.

The only tutor maintains CPD and personal development.